Ashley + Tomaj

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

During our stay in Playa Del Carmen with some awesome Canadians getting married there, we got to know Ashley and Tomaj. Ashley and Tomaj were friends with Sophia and Victor, who we flew to LA for their Los Angeles engagement photography session for and then flew down to Mexico for their Playa Del Carmen wedding photos. Prior to the trip we had been in touch with Ashley and we talked through details. While in Mexico they wanted to do get some Cenote Azul engagement photography done and we were happy to go off resort with them and explore.

The day after Sophia and Victor’s wedding we took our rental car with Ashley and Tomaj over to Cenote Azul. They had gone over previously and booked a time slot for us to be there and get photos together. It was a little sketchy after we parked, we began to walk in and there was a stray dog who bit the back of my leg on the way in – nothing serious as he more nipped at my heel than anything but it was still alarming.


When we arrived at Cenote Azul there were flowers petals scattered and it made for a beautiful addition to the scene. It felt like we were deep in the jungle with all the trees and foliage growing around the cenote. Our goal was to get shots in the cenote but we wanted to start with some normal outfits around it before they got wet. We began this Cenote Azul engagement photography session with them in front of the cenote and worked our way around it.

Once we got some shots in front of it we moved them around to the side and then up to the top of the cenote. Moving around we found a place that was still dry that we could place them inside the cenote for some great photos. After we’d moved around the cenote for some photos it was finally time to get in the water. They did a quick wardrobe change to some swimsuits and into the water we all went.


For this Cenote Azul engagement photography session we brought along our GoProo with a new dome to get some photos that were half in the water and half out. For theses shots we started with them in the water but still outside the cave portion. We tentatively made our way deeper into the cenote and found a spot where the light was coming in from above through a hole in the ceiling of the cave.

With little fish swimming around all of us we all posed in the light for different shots. We wrapped up the session by heading out of the cenote and having them walk around it again. It was so great to meet these two and we loved getting to know them. If you’re coming to Playa Del Carmen or any other local beach area and want to do some engagement photos we’d love to talk details with you.