Amanda Woollard

Colorado Springs, Colorado

I’d made a post about wanting to do a last minute session and Amanda replied saying that she was available to do a session. We worked out details quickly and decided to meet at Palmer Park to do a session together. It took a little extra doing as she showed up on one side of the park and I at a completely opposite side, so after some coordinating we met at a coffee shop and proceeded to have her follow to the location to shoot together.

Once there we scouted out the location quickly and just began to shoot in spots we could find that worked into grabbing headshots for her. There was quite a variety of setting to utilize in such a small area and it was great to be able to have her come along last minute and be adaptable to different environments and poses there at Palmer Park. After getting some shots done in the various locations, we backtracked a little out of the area we were in and headed back closer to the entrance of the trail where I had seen some tall grass and requested we shoot in the grass before heading out. The sun was setting and hitting the tall grass just perfectly and made for a really beautiful setting as we wrapped up the session.


Palmer Park is a beautiful location set right in the middle of Colorado Springs with lots of beautiful rock formations and wilderness settings that make for a great setting to do some professional headshots. Whether you’re looking to shoot at Palmer Park or another beautiful location in your area, we’d love to be considered for your needs. Please feel free to contact us and reach out to schedule a time that works for you to get your professional headshots!