Alexander Perez

Denver, Colorado

With rebranding the business and wanting to do as many shoots as possible before leaving Denver to Seattle for a few months, I wanted to squeeze in as many sessions as I could so I posted a craigslist ad to promote a special for business/professional headshots. I definitely thought there’d be more of a response, apparently Alex did too, it was a good deal for some good professional pictures. Alex contacted me through craigslist the week before I was planning on leaving and we arranged to shoot together the day before I left for Seattle. I’d been wanting to do a session in Union Station and so I suggested it as our shoot location – with no objections from Alex we scheduled to shoot at Union Station at Sunset the day before leaving.

There was a Rockies game happening during this time and so I had to park a couple blocks away at a meter that had a 30 min max timer on it and ran over to Union Station. After finding Alex we got right into shooting and found a few shots inside at the benches, work stations and just with him standing. After some successful shots there I suggested we move outside and make our way to the green belt, I knew I also needed to feed the meter. On the way back to my truck there was a guy that bumped into me, who was clearly intoxicated, and he began to talk to us and be quite obscene as we continued to walk. He threw his backpack at me at one point and then proceeded to pull out a sock from the backpack. He handed the sock to Alex and Alex opened it up to find that he was trying to push coke. We immediately told him we weren’t interested, it’s not for us, and dipped as he swore at us – good times.


After that fiasco we got back to shooting. We went down to the green belt and got some images on the railing and a bridge that went over the green belt. On the way in I’d also seen a restaurant that had some beautiful lights hanging from their outdoor patio area so I suggested we head over that way. Stella’s on 16th had a fun little patio area with a fireplace that we finished our session at and got some of my favorite images at. Loved getting to meet Alex and I had a great time facing the adventures of Downtown Denver together.


We loved getting to shoot at Union Station in Denver, the lights and setting provide a beautiful backdrop to any number of shoot types. If you’re wanting to get some updated professional headshots done, we’d love to talk and set up a shoot at Union Station with you, contact us and let’s work out the details!