Abbegail + Camron

Urbana, Ohio

Abbegail was the first to book our all inclusive wedding package that includes an engagement session. Her and Camron wanted to their Springfield engagement photography session on a family farm. Once we agreed on time and place I drove up from Dayton to meet with them.

Their family property had older farm buildings all around and we were able to utilize them for the session. We began next to a wood pile and worked our way around the different buildings. The setting made for some beautiful and fun photos with the two of them and it was great to be on their family property. The front of the main house is where we took a few more photos before heading to the property fence line.


Once we’d felt we got some good photos we opted to go to a nearby river area Camron knew of. It was complete with railroad tracks and a peaceful shoreline for us to take photos on. I had them climb all over these tracks and the bridge before pulling out a smoke bomb. We had saved some from last year’s 4th of July and were excited to see them in action.

After the smoke bomb we concluded our Springfield engagement photography session with some closeups of the ring. We had a blast with Abbegail and Camron and can’t wait to return to Springfield for their wedding! Their hospitality and love for one another is beautiful and they’re wonderful people.


Our travel plans are ever evolving but we’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for a Springfield engagement photography session. We’re occasionally back in the area and we’d love to see if our schedules can align. Contact us and let us know your wedding day and engagement plans and let’s get a session booked!